We work with various stakeholders within the vacant housing sector to bring homes back into use. Our services may be helpful to the following:

 Concerned Citizens

If you are aware of an empty home in your locality and wish to see it being renovated as a family home, please let us know by logging the details here. We will do our best to identify and trace the current owners so that we can discuss the possible purchase of their property.

 Vacant Home Owners

We are interested in discussing the purchase of empty housing or commercial units from property owners directly. If you are a vacant property owner, we would like to hear from you. Register your interest with us and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.


We assist builders who are trying to find the owners of land or property. If you are a builder and are interested in assisting us with property repairs, please register your interest here.

 Approved Housing Bodies

We regularly assist local authorities and approved housing bodies  in relation to vacant properties within their administrative areas.  We share a common goal in bringing back vacant properties into use. Please contact us if you wish to find out more. We work with vacant housing officers, charities and other approved housing bodies.

 Home Seekers

If you are seeking to purchase a family home in a particular area but the demand for housing means you are having difficulty securing a property, why not contact emptyhomes.ie and register your details with us? We are constantly researching properties and may be able to match you with a vacant property in your desired area. You may also have a desire for a specific property but cannot establish or locate the owner. We can help you in this regard so please contact us if you would like to find out more.