Who are we?

Emptyhomes.ie is owned by Erin Research, Ireland’s leading probate genealogy company. We specialise in tracing missing beneficiaries and next of kin to estates worldwide, and apply this expertise to vacant properties and unused lands.

Erin Research helps identify and find owners of empty and derelict properties so that we can facilitate their reuse as family homes in communities across Ireland.

Passionate about returning vacant housing stock to the Irish market, we feel that the potential of vacant homes is overlooked by many as a source of providing housing to those desperately in need.

We work with private individuals and numerous other stakeholders in the housing sector to help bring empty homes back into use.

For more about our work please see our FAQ page.

So, what do we actually do?

The Process

Ireland has an endless amount of unused properties that could serve as family homes for both social housing and the private market.

Our services are aimed at directly and indirectly bringing empty homes back into use in communities across Ireland, and we work with various stakeholders within the housing sector to achieve this.

There are 3 main steps of the process;

1. Identify

Firstly, we need to identify vacant properties across Ireland so that we can begin our ownership investigations.

This website acts as a means for us to do this.

As a member of the public, you can log details of an empty property with with us also by clicking on the button below. If you  are the owner of a vacant property, why not get in touch and we will discuss the possible purchase of your property from you.

We also encourage estate agents nationwide that may have knowledge of an empty home in their localities to contact us to see if we can work together and have that property reused.

2. Research

The next phase of the process involves how we identify the vacant property owners and their whereabouts.

In many cases we must carry out extensive research to establish the ownership details.

A key component of how we bring vacant properties back to life is through the information provided to us by you..

The more information you provide such as the name of the last registered owner (if known), how long the property is lying vacant, etc., the better.

3. Renew

Once we have identified the owners of a vacant home, we make contact with them directly and enquire about whether they would be interested in selling their property.

If the owner agrees to sell, we work with them and introduce them to a suitable purchaser. The buyer can be in the form of a home seeker, an investor, or even a local authority or other.

We work with the vendor and purchaser to ensure that the process is successfully completed and the home brought back into use.

So, how can you help?

Find It

Keep an eye out for empty homes near you

Watch out for vacant properties

Your local knowledge and input could be a contributing factor to providing a family home for someone

Log It

Take some pics and note the empty home address

Upload the details

Once you have identified an empty home, simply log on to our website and upload the details along with some pics if you have them

Text It

Send us a pic and the address via Whatsapp on 089 4196616

Whatsapp us

To make life even easier, you can Whatsapp us all empty home details by text

Spread the Word

We need your help to identify empty homes nationwide

Tell your family and friends

Word of mouth is a simple way to let people know about our website and what we are trying to achieve.

Tell your friends and family and ask them to log on or text us also.